Your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience.  It is something you will never repeat, yet one you will want to relive over and over again.  Hiring a photographer is a big decision.  Your wedding day is going to come and go and all you will be left with is, you guessed it...PICTURES.  When looking for a photographer there are a few factors to take into consideration;

1) STYLE...every photographer is gifted with their own talents and abilities. However, each person has their own way of doing things.  Make sure this falls in line with what you want and envisioned on your wedding day. 

2) PERSONALITY...You will have to work with your photographer ALL DAY!!  They will be getting up close and personal with you, your bridal party and family.  Make sure you hire someone that makes you and the people around you feel comfortable.  Also make sure you hire someone that knows how to take charge.  As the bride and groom, you will be pulled a thousand different directions. You will want your photographer to be an advocate for you.  That will step in and help support you in stressful moments and won't add to the stress.

3) BUDGET...No need to talk further about this one!

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Hiring a professional DJ is a huge part in making your big day flow together seamlessly.  A DJ will help direct and coordinate your guests, as well as, your wedding party. 

DJ's also set the tone for the reception.  They are in control of getting the party started...and keeping the party going. 

I would recommend asking your DJ for referrals from brides of past weddings they did.  This is a great way to find out what style and personality your DJ has before you hire them.

PLEASE REMEMBER: We do not offer a sound system.  This will mean you will need to find a DJ or sound system for your ceremony.

When looking for DJ's keep in mind the same qualities as with photographers.

1) Personality

2) Style

3) Budget

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Food is a crucial part to a wedding...OBVIOUSLY!!  Food is something that brings people together.  There are some awesome caterers that we love to work with, however, I highly recommend meeting with each caterer and trying their food. 

PLEASE REMEMBER: We DO NOT allow self catering.  You must hire a licensed caterer and bartender.  We do offer a catering area that will be secluded and reserved just for the caterer.  We do not have running water or refrigeration.  However, we do offer electricity.  If your caterer needs any additional tables for staging, this will be something we will need to rent.  They run $10/table.

Referred Caterers